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Clark Pest Remedy has Thermal Remediation Equipment used to eradicate and exterminate bed bugs in Atlanta. This is the best method for eliminating these frustrating pests!

With our specially trained Sensor Bed Bug Dog Inspections we can determine whether activity is present. This reduces unnecessary treatments. We can inspect Homes, Hotels, Dormitories, Housing Authority units and Apartments. 
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By having the training and right equipment we can eliminate your problem better than the competition. Licensed professional treatments.
I was impressed with Garey's quick response after I submitted a request for information on their website. He was professional and set up a meeting right away with his bed bug dog, Ben. Garey and Ben saved me hundreds of dollars. After a thorough inspection, no bed bugs were found. I would use Clark Pest Remedy again and will recommend them to others. 

Signed, a customer in Marietta, GACustomer Review - Drew H. McDonough, GA

Professional, On Time and well spoken. We have been very happy with the service we have received. 

Customer Review - J. C. from Mcdonough, GA
Work Description: Beb bug eradication

Garey and his team were very responsive, punctual, professional but approachable. I would use them again and highly recommend them to anyone with a bud bug issue or any other pest control.

To Whom It May Concern:

In May, 2011, Garey Clark and Clark Pest Remedy treated our two-story house for bed bugs using their state of the art thermal remediation equipment, followed immediately with a pesticide application for assurance of ridding our home of its bed bug infestation. The treatment was very successful, with still no sign of recurring bed bugs after almost 6 months! Several months before calling Mr. Clark, we had hired a conventional, nationwide extermination company for $1,000.00 who had failed to rid our home of bed bugs, despite pesticides applications on three separate occasions due to bed bug recurrences.  

However, concerning Garey Clark and his staff, we were completely satisfied with their professionalism, thoroughness, efficiency, and friendliness in getting the job done in a timely fashion. They clearly explained what we needed to do to prepare our home and furnishings before beginning the treatment. We had checked them out on the Internet, and called two of their references before hiring them to do the job. We discovered only very positive recommendations and results from their previous customers.  

We would heartily recommend Garey Clark and his company Clark Pest Remedy to rid your home or business of any bed bug infestations. Their price was reasonable for the effective treatment received, and was considerably less expensive than the quote from a nearby competitor offering similar services.

Brian and Elaine 
South Carolina

Happy Camper by Don't Let the Bed Bugs Bite on 09/26/2012  
I had Clark Pest Remedy come to my home for an inspection of bed bugs. Garey Clark brought his trained K-9 dog into our home and the dog found the bed bugs in my master bedroom and the sofa in the livingroom. We had them treat our home with the heat method which worked. It has been 10 months since our treatment and still no signs of bedbugs. I would highly recommend this company to anyone with this problem. They were prompt, professional and reasonable. Plus no more bites!!!

Review by: Y. S. Work Description: Potential bed bugs Comments: Quick response, Arrived early.. We had a free evaluation. No pests were found. Very honest and helpful. Would recommend them to anyone needing this service! Very satisfied!!

  •  We would like to show you our Thermal Remediation Equipment we use to control Bed Bugs in Atlanta. We have a Box Truck with a 80kw Generator and a Trailer unit with a 40kw Generator. Our box truck is used to do larger units and multiple units. Our trailer is designed to do smaller units like Apartments or Housing units or smaller jobs.
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  • If you have bed bugs in your home, and they are causing you grief, then finding the right treatment solution is vitally important at this point. There are many different avenues that you can pursue, one of which is a bed bug heat treatment. If you have children or pets in the home and want to choose a bed bug infestation solution that is non-toxic and non-chemical in nature, then the heat treatment approach is the right approach for your consideration because it will eliminate the bed bugs as well as their eggs without causing harm to other inhabitants of your home

  • A bed bug heat treatment is capable of penetrating into the wall cavities, the mattresses and other surfaces that are hard to reach by anything but the bed bugs. If bed bugs have poured into these areas, making it seemingly impossible for you to eliminate them, then the best solution is going to be a heat treatment solution. It involves applying heat throughout a structure evenly in order to kill the bed bugs no matter where they are hiding. This type of treatment is typically used by a professional because it is generally regarded as the most effective type treatment.

  • Keep in mind that a bed bug problem is not going to get better on its own. Instead, it is going to become increasingly worse as it spreads and grows within your home. If you find evidence that you have a bed bug infestation, you absolutely have to take swift and effective steps to quell it before the problem becomes worse. This is especially true if you have children or pets in the home, as the bed bugs are likely to feed on them, causing bites, itching and irritation that is completely unnecessary.

  • Thermal death is the way to kill bed bugs using a bed bug heat treatment. When you attack the bed bugs with heat, it only takes between seven and sixty minutes depending on the temperature and the stage of growth that the bed bugs are in. This is a quick and effective treatment for killing adult bed bugs, nymphs and bed bug eggs without requiring that you spray your home with poisons or litter your home with baited traps. If you want to overcome your bed bug infestation, this heat treatment may be the solution that you have been looking for to get it done.
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Heat Treatments

  • When you have troubles from pests at home, controlling them can become a tough work. Pests are persistent, resilient, and may take several weeks and many attempts to finally get rid of them completely. Companies doing pest control in Atlanta apply various effective and safe pest control methods that can even prevent the spread of pest problems in other areas. There are solutions available for a chemical-free, organic, and natural pest control for homes and offices. It will be best to look for pest control companies who can not just offer traditional methods of pest control and pesticides, but rather take a closer look at your problem, which kind of bugs you are dealing with, and then formulate or select a safe method for you.

  • One common pest problem that most homes, hotels, and offices have to deal with is bed bugs in Atlanta. Professional pest control management for bed bugs involves bed bugs heat treatment in Atlanta. Bed bugs are parasitic, bloodsuckers that feed on human and animal blood. Newborns are called hatchlings or nymphs. They are tiny, about the size of a poppy seed, while adults grow to about ¼ of an inch long. They can sometimes be mistaken for ticks or small, baby cockroaches, and they can crawl rapidly and thrive between temperatures of 70-80F. Their shape is oval and flattened. Both nymphs, eggs and adults are visible to the naked eye. Bed bugs have evolved from being nest parasites - inhabiting the nests of birds and the roosts of bats, to being furniture parasites living on our sofas, cushions, and beds.

  • Once an infestation is detected, you should immediately take measures to minimize and eventually eliminate bed bugs. Pest control professionals will have to make an in-home assessment of your problem and from there, make a treatment plan. The use of thermal and ambient heat treatments is the common method nowadays because of its high rate of success and effectiveness in eradicating bed bug infestation.

  • Heat treatments for bed bugs may come in many different forms, and there are no set standards, except for using a hot air dryer for clothes and linens. The principle behind this treatment is that bed bugs begin to die at around 120 degrees F. The heat pumps used for this method pump heat into the infested areas until the ambient air temperature goes up to between 130-135 degrees F. Wireless Sensors-Computer will then be placed in all treatment areas to make sure that the temperature there reaches the target levels.
  • Infestation is the common problem faced by people. There may be many reasons of arrival unwanted guests like rats, rodents, flies and bed bugs. All these pests also bring various diseases with them. Allowing them to live in your home is not less than inviting health problems to you and your loved ones. Bed bugs are the major menace which create ruckus in the lives of individuals. 
  • Bed bugs can cause a numerous health problems, including skin rashes, psychological effects, and allergic symptoms. Bed bug bites may become the cause of skin manifestations from no visible effects to major blisters. Hence it becomes essential to eradicate from one's life as soon as possible to lead a healthy life. Many pest exterminating companies have come up who are dedicated to eliminate pests from your home with latest techniques and advanced treatments.
  • Heat treatment for bed bugs is the most proficient way to get rid of these disease causing pests Companies support non-toxic treatments while fumigating mattresses, cracks in the wall, and other areas to kill the bed bugs. This heat treatment has always proved effective in eliminating these pests from your home as well as offices.
  • Before opting for a method to remove pests from your house, assess the situation to decide whether you can handle it alone or professional exterminators are the need of the hour. No matter, how more or less the pest infestation is, hiring professionals trained in eradication pest population should be hired for complete in one go. Heat treatment is a ground-breaking, eco-friendly method of restricting the multiplication of these blood sucking creatures.
  • This treat ensures removal of the entire population without much hassle. Other chemicals used to kill them might create health related issues to both technicians as well as the members living in the given area. In short, other methods are not as effective as heat treatment as they do not expel bed tucked in mattresses, bed linens or electronic devices and can also prove harmful to animals as well. Bed bug heat treatments are managed by pest control professionals who are trained to deal with any kind of pest infestation having the experience to make use any treatment technique and the equipments for successful annihilation. If you have an infestation hiring the services of local pests control services offering heat treatments for infested homes and businesses is the most effective step towards making your home a clean and healthy place to live for you and your family members.
  • One can find these eliminators through net as most of the established companies have their websites allowing easy access to their services to the user. Make sure before hiring them, you discuss all the requirements and the places you have found to be infested. Moreover, they all make sure to visit you place before starting the treatment to locate the homes of these pests. To know more about their services log in ton their site and take their services to bid adieu to filthy pests.

Clark Pest Remedy has received a service award for our work at the Butler St. YMCA Mens Shelter. Here is the article in Pest Control Technology       . PCT Article
Don't know what Bed Bugs look like?

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Don't know what Bed Bugs look like?

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